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Woodland Prep Hiring Profile

We are eager to build an outstanding team at Woodland: A school ecosystem of professionals, learners, and friends who are united around Woodland's mission, vision, and core values.

Woodland is seeking passionate teachers and professionals who embody the following qualities:

  • Woodland Prep's mission and vision aligned
  • Subject matter expert
  • Strong work ethics
  • Positive attitude and enthusiastic
  • Commitment to collaboration and teamwork
  • Receptive to coaching
  • Love of learning and teaching
  • Leadership capacity
  • Aptitute  and fit for working with students

For questions regarding employment at Woodland, please e-mail i[email protected]

Available Positions and Job Descriptions:

Request For Proposals

RFP: Education Service Provider

The Washington County Students First Board of Directors invites well-qualified professional(s) (also referred to as “consultant” herein) to submit proposals for research consultancy services as described in the scope of services below.

Woodland Preparatory School is established by Washington County Students First (WCSF), a non-profit foundation. Board of Directors of WCSF are volunteers who are passionate about transforming public education in Washington County, Alabama by providing a comprehensive and holistic educational model which incorporates STEM, Reading, Art and Social-Emotional learning. Founding board members consist of highly qualified and enthusiastic individuals who want to provide a choice and alternative K-12 program to Washington County students and parents.

Our mission is to equip our students with 21st century skills by providing a safe and collaborative environment which will cultivate their individual academic and social development.

At Woodland Prep, we inspire and challenge students to grow in virtue. Virtues are particular kinds of human excellence, including ethical, intellectual, and physical excellence. The following core values will receive a special emphasis within our school program and culture: Students First, Academic Excellence, Community Centered, and Accountability.

Scope of Work
During the Consultation Period, the consultant will provide Washington County Students First Board of Directors (Directors) with strategic counsel to expand and advance its overall education mission and goals, as well as strategic advice and research services, which include the following or other similar services:

1. Strategic Advice and Research
        a.  Provide the Directors with counsel, guidance and recommendations to inform the School’s education portfolio in key areas including early childhood education, K-12 education, English Language Learning (ELL), social-emotional learning, dropout prevention and youth engagement, college and career readiness, and workforce education.
        b.  Provide input and information to assist the Board with comprehensive strategic education planning efforts.
        c.  Proactively provide the Directors with the necessary information to remain current on new trends in education, whether it be providing updates on changes in federal and state education policies, leadership transitions within the federal government, education trends and activities, federal education funding, and/or issues affecting the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).
        d.  Provide the Directors with up-to-date information about upcoming education grant programs (federal, state or private) that complement the Directors’ education policy, and to which public media stations and organizations they might be eligible to apply.
        e.  Be knowledgeable about current research reports on education services provided by public media, and make recommendations to the Directors on how to best incorporate what works best, ways to scale that work, and the best method(s) of communicating the impact on students.
        f.  Assist the Directors in drafting speeches and talking points, and/or organizing compelling presentations, for multiple audiences, ensuring that messaging effectively communicates the goals and impact of the educational efforts undertaken by the Board.
        g.  Provide strategic project management of tasks, including creating consensus goals, objectives and timelines, thereby ensuring timely and successful completion of projects.

2.  Document Drafting and Review
Draft and/or review materials related to the Directors’ overall education case statements, policy and strategy memos or analyses, reports, research summaries, fact sheets, presentations and planning materials. 

3.  Partnership Development
Assist the Directors in identifying, coordinating, and collaborating with key stakeholders, external partners and organizations as appropriate in order to maximize public media’s role and engagement in the education field, including leveraging relationships in the education community (such as foundations, non-profit organizations and others.)

4.  Public Media and Industry Meetings
Help the Directors plan, facilitate and structure meeting agendas for key public media and related industry meetings. The consultant may be required to attend and participate in specific local and national education related meetings, held at various locations, which may include Board meetings, State Department of Education meetings, and such other meetings as the Directors and consultant agree would be productive.

5.  Deliverables
Provide monthly project activity reports and invoices, and copies of any materials generated during the reporting period to the Directors.

6.  Board of Directors Meetings
Advise the Chairman of the Board of Directors and administrative staff by phone, email, and in person. The consultant will be required to travel to the Directors’ office on a monthly basis in conjunction with providing the services described above during the consultation period. In addition, the Directors may request the consultant to travel to up to six additional meetings during each contract year related to the services described above, at location(s) to be determined. The Directors will reimburse the consultant for travel in accordance with the Board of Directors’ travel policy.

7.  Invoicing
The consultant must submit monthly invoices to the Board detailing work performed.

Proposal Submission Requirements
Proposals should be submitted by email to [email protected]

1.  Proposals should include a cover letter containing the name of the proposing individual/firm, the name(s) of the professional(s) proposed to provide direct service for the duration of the project, e-mail address, postal address, and telephone number.
2.  Proposals should include a narrative that speaks to the Evaluation Criteria outlined below and cost to accomplish the Scope of Services outlined above.
3.  Proposals must clearly outline the responsibilities both of the Directors and the selected firm. ALL costs payable by the Directors for these services must be clearly defined.
4.  Proposals should include the resume(s) of the professional(s) who will provide direct service for this project.
5.  Proposals should include the name, contact person, title, telephone number, and email addresses of three references for similar projects, as well as a brief description of each project.

By submitting a proposal, the consultant authorizes the Board to contact references to evaluate consultant’s qualifications for this project. 

Evaluation Criteria
All proposals will be evaluated based on the following key criteria:
•       Performance capability—the extent to which the proposal demonstrates ability to provide the depth and breadth of experience, skills, knowledge and competence generally required by this project

•       Completeness and quality of response—the thoroughness and concern for quality in your response

•       Understanding of and commitment to the mission and strategic objectives of the Washington County Students First Board of Directors.

•       Management fee structure (8% is preferred, especially in the initial contractual term).

•       Non-profit status of the consultant will also be considered.

Contract Award

The Directors plan to select the best qualified consultant by the end of March, 2020. The deadline for submissions will be March 17th, 2020. The selected firm and the Directors will then mutually discuss and refine the scope of work for the project and shall negotiate final conditions, compensation and performance schedule for the subsequent contract to be executed.

For More Information or for questions about this RFP, please contact R. Nash Campbell at [email protected]

Due to potential responders potentially being preoccupied with serving their clients during emergencies related to COVID 19, we are extending the deadline for submissions 7 days until March 24th.